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There is so much good info in these Sunday night and Friday afternoon talks. Basically just give Jason an open mic for an hour and let him rant and go. Talking about turns and how they happen when they don't make sense is spot on. Just nuggets of wisdom like that that will help people "understand" markets and how they do the opposite of what is rational/makes sense. No other subscription service provides this type of insight into a market veteran's mindset on everything about markets. Being real and honest about his biases and just the mindset of who gives a f$ck if i lose 75 bps, Ive lost 75 bps a million times. high conviction trades that are loosely held with stops in place. that's all this game is. what's the worst that can happen on this trade? it stops me out. Place the trade and see what happens. rinse and repeat
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I replaced by loss control method with CMR' Jason's Loss Control method and the performance of the trading book has had a marked improvement. Loosing less $ makes the gains look much better
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Anup 5250
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This is my testimonial and at the same time the best endorsement I can give, since having a community of traders is nice, but after all, I have joined many Trading Groups with nice guys, but before it hasn’t helped me trade better. So for some reason, the CMR process and the constant reinforcements about process and discipline resonated with me, and were exactly what I needed in this point of my trading journey. Started with $10,000 in July this year, (I know this is pocket change for many Traders here, but not for me). For this account I used the CMR strategy with a hard SL at 1% of equity each trade, and a “soft” SL of 0.5% on a closing basis. I did take some of the same trades Jason did, but also some other trades. I ended up with $11,860 because I also got interest on Capital not invested. So basically 18.6% return for 6 months. I also was profitable on my other two strategies I have been trading besides CMR. I also contribute some of that success to CMR, as I had not been able to follow my process very well, before joining CMR in May.

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The Last German
CMR Subscriber
I have to send an email to thank you guys, I took a long /ZW call option after seeing the COT report and new TV indicator cot index and also after seeing last weekly email. All I can tell you is that one trade has covered me for the entire year's subscription. But just to put a realistic picture, my success on this is not overnight, I have been following Jason since a year or may be longer than that during David's show when he was in Kitco. I take a trade when my opinion aligns with your COT chart and over the period of time I have calm down and less reactive to the things happening every day. More recently I liked /6C which I am long and not out yet. But this wheat trade is different because in my dreams I would not have traded this at all and because of my previous alignment with your view when I saw the setup for /ZW I just took a far out of call option ./OZWH24C700:XCBT at 11.5 on 12/04 and out at 19 today. So thank you for the insight and continuous guidance
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I joined CMR February of this year. Following Jason’s process for the last ten months has led me to achieve a return of 23.7% to date (Unless I completely screw up December, which of course can never be ruled out), while taking a conservative of amount risk per trade (roughly 1%). Most importantly, CMR is not looking to provide with you with just what to trade. It’s teaching how to trade and striving for you to be better with your own trading. It’s emphasis on the importance of process, discipline, and risk management, will serve you for the rest of your life, regardless of trading style. CMR provides a thought provoking, humble, and unique perspective on trading. I will never look at markets or any financial news the same way ever again. I want to thank Jason and the CMR Team for taking the time and dedication on striving to make CMR a better service for all. I know it’s not an easy thing to place yourself in the spotlight after a whole career of laying low. Just know that your wisdom, experience and knowledge is much appreciated. Keep shredding. Sincerely, Gary
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G Shreds
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I’ve been trying to learn how to trade for the last 4 years and finally started seeing some success about 6 months ago, but I soon realized my trading time frame was too short and joined CMR to improve my time frame and ignore the short term noise so I can catch bigger moves with better risk-reward opportunities. After a few weeks of studying the reports and learning Jason’s trading style I started incorporating COT into my strategy. I knew I wasn’t here to trade like Jason. The way I’ve incorporated COT in my trading is pretty simple. I use my strategy to look for trade opportunities. When I see a potential setup I check COT and CMR Index to make sure I’m not going in a crowded direction. As long as COT is not against me, I take the trade. When COT and CMR index is setting up for a potential trade, then I pay special attention to that market and if I get a setup based on my own strategy then I’ll make sure to take the trade and COT gives me more confidence to push those trades when they start to work in my favor. October was my best trading month ever and November has been even better so far. It’s a small sample size but it’s a great start and I will continue to learn and improve my process.
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Dr. T.
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I have only been trading for a year. I used to worship "day traders" with nice cars that never lost money. Without Jason I would still be following them and losing a weeks paycheck in the span of a few minutes. I cant thank him (and this whole community) enough. Im genuinely so grateful I cant express it enough.
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Tracked my stats since joining CMR community on May 2. From May through July I took 24 trades in total with 9 wins and 15 losses. 37.5% win rate to 62.5%. Thought it was neat. And noticed the Wins have more than made up for losses. To the T what Jason says. Big W was the Yen long (gave some back after attempting a renter) and a recent Silver short. Otherwise, been trading around SPY (biggest loss was a SPY trade). Huge improvements in 3 months as compared to my previous 5-7 years. Also notice I cut losses way faster than ever before. CoT helps incredibly and Jason's perspectives allow me to adapt my own, which enhances my decision making as well.
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CMR's the real deal. Been playing this Game of Markets for about 19 years ... tried almost everything, whether it's trading on technicals, fundamentals, sentiment, or different combinations of the above. Every approach works some of the time, and none works all of the time. CMR's methodology is quite unique in its application of COT data combined with high asymmetric risk-reward buy/sell triggers based on correlation failures and news divergent price action. Whether you trade futures or not (I do not), CMR's approach, if used properly, will amplify your gains and reduce your losses. Also, Jason is on the associated Discord chat daily and is available to answer questions and challenge your trading Ego.
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CMR Subscriber
After 5 years of trading, I have finally found an edge! Jason is the real deal (he has the ability to make money from trading over time), and he is willing to share his process, this is incredibly rare! I can't recommend CMR enough. CMR has changed the way I think about price action. When I look at a chart now, I think about how many people are long and how many are short and what they're likely to do next.
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I joined CMR in early 2021 after reading about Jason in Schwager’s Market Wizards series. Prior to joining CMR, I spent 15 plus years fighting the markets, blowing up (3 times) and generally being pissed off. It’s one thing to say you’re contrarian, and quite another to put it into practice. The CMR collective has completely changed my views on risk management, discipline and most important, it has given me the confidence to patiently wait for the right set ups to go against consensus. Jason and the other CMR members are incredibly gracious with their time and insights. Whether you want to actively participate in the Discord channels or sit and observe as I tend to do, there is a wealth of information in this community. I encourage you to join and try it out, you’ll be a better trader for it.
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Value or ROI is key to me for any kind of premium service. There are plenty of bait and switch types of services that you end up regretting because they flash the promise of 10x 20x returns which is in itself a fallacy and outright fraud. What's been refreshing about CMR is that there is none of that in fact its stated clearly not to join if you just want to copy trades. Looping back to the value aspect, what Jason has been able to engineer is a mechanism of brutal honesty that forces you to confront the question acknowledging your own bias' and eliminating them with an overlay of developing a process. I have found answers to questions I have posed to be incredibly insightful and honest. Now here is the bonus, the community on here. I really haven't had any discord chat stick or any forum stick where I'm talking daily and throughout the weekend to fellow members. This one sticks. The members on here bring insights from across the globe and provide dynamic calibration from every and any aspect to trading and with other sub chats sky's the limit on insight. I have no economic benefit to take the time to write this testimonial and I barely can muster up a sentence or two when it comes to an amazon or yelp review, so hopefully it speaks loudly to how happy I am I joined.
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CMR Subscriber
Hello there, you are probably here after listening to Jason's recent interview or podcast, and you are wondering about joining but still need a little more confirmation. TLDR: It's worth it if you are serious about improving as a trader. I joined several trading groups since I started my trading journey in 2019, and this group is the only one where I stayed for more than a year. Besides the extremely detailed and actionable report, I think the best value is the discord group of very talented and knowledgeable traders from all walks of life. The conversation and wisdom that oozes from these traders are the main factors that upgraded my trading. I learn new information that improves my trading pretty much every day. I'm a much better trader than myself a year ago before I joined CMR and met these incredible people. The group focuses much more on risk management and discipline rather than getting the trade that gives the best return. Having a system and effective risk management allows me to stay in the game as long as possible. After all, I cannot get lucky if I lose my shirt in the short-term trades gone wrong, right?
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CMR Subscriber
I’ve always traded alone in a silo until joining CMR. The chat allows me to me share ideas and receive perspectives from other experienced traders that I previously would have missed. Jason’s reports and videos either show me something new, confirm my thesis, or tell me to get the hell out of the way of a bad trade. I can’t recall a week where I looked at the report and found nothing of note. Hazem’s quickness with the charts (especially the Friday afternoon pre-closing bell drop) is always appreciated and has helped me take some last minute positions heading into the weekend. I should mention I rarely trade commodities and I’m not always a contrarian trader and yet CMR continues to aid my trading while steering me clear of bad trades. No matter what type of trader you are, there is certain benefit in the reports, charts, videos, and chat. It doesn’t hurt that there’s some pretty funny people in there, too.
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Jason’s intense emphasis on risk management and constant dedication to discipline when it comes to risk taking is truly priceless. As Jason and many successful traders say; the key to a really good trader is being able to survive and make money even when you’re wrong. Jason & CMR help drive home the importance of risk management at all times and that no matter how difficult it is to be patient, you have to wait for when your system (whatever it is) shows the risk/reward is in your favor. Sometimes this means refraining from trading for quite some time when the favorable setup just isn’t there - the discord chat makes these restless periods of brutal patience not only enjoyable and humorous, but also always educational. Shoutout to Hazem for always crushing it with the charts and running seamless operation in general. Cheers
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Jason's approach to trading shaped the way I look at the markets. The strongest testimonials are results - my portfolio is positive on the year (barely, but posting this while SP down about 15% on the year) and it would easily be down 20% if I wasn't involved in CMR. Not to mention Jason called the top perfectly in equities after riding it all the way up thanks to.... the COT. Combine that with an engaged community with diverse backgrounds and experiences, along with resources to continue your own trading education, and I feel lucky to be a part of this group.
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This is a great community to learn how to trade with risk first approach. Before this I was always thinking how much money can I make from a trade but now I think how much I Can loose from each trade in worst case and what is potential reward. This is helping improving profitability in my trading.
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Lucky L.
CMR Subscriber
The impact of this community on my trading has been immense. From the first day when my basic questions were given detailed and clear answers to the steady cadence of the reports and the commitment of Jason to the community and process. Whilst I trade independently, getting in sync with Jason’s rhythm and the structure has been invaluable. I’ve also made connections here with other traders who I have had valuable interactions with.
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John B.
CMR Subscriber
Even if Jason only shared his trades and methodology--which he does--CMR would be an amazing deal. But Jason also shares in detail his thought processes as he consistently models his amazing self-discipline and rigor in adhering to his system. The chance to watch and converse with and learn from a true master is what makes this community so incredibly valuable.
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Brock E.
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The Discord channel taught me so much already, really. Didn't expect it when I joined. Game changer for me. Thanks a lot for all your work.
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Bastian H.
CMR Subscriber
As a retired professional trader, I've always been frustrated about just how bad the information is out there for the newbie trader. I see people being sucked into methods (or more often lack of a comprehensive method) that have no resemblance to how a professional thinks. Jason outlines a coherent method that is a perfect blend of the systematic (to enforce discipline, appropriately narrow the focus of the tradeable universe, and take positive expected value trades) with the discretionary (monitoring the markets action relative to news - the single most unsung hero of trading alpha and what keeps the method from being devoured by machine learning algos). The weekly report covers the systematic aspect, but the very active, lively discord is where the discretionary aspects are discussed, dissected, and debated and the market action interpreted relative to the news. Discussion on risk management and trading psychology is probably (and appropriately) discussed even more. Jason is extremely active and helpful in the chat. The CMR Team works hard to keep adding good content and offering as much value to the subscriber as possible. Even if you decide you never want to be a contrarian, you should at least be reconning how the guy who'll sell you the top tick thinks. This is a no-brainer.
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CMR Subscriber
Honestly no where else will you find open conversations about what really matters like risk management and pos. Very happy to find this place
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I have stopped trading for over 10 years but Covid brought me back into the market. I looked for resources and guidance online but the quality varies greatly. Crowded Market Report by Jason & team is a true gem, I learned a lot about Market Participation, Market Reversal, News Failure, Position Sizing and Psychology from Jason along with all the subscribers in the Discord chat room. It is rare to find such a great service nowadays and it’s worth checking out if you need that extra edge for your trading. All the best!
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Chris S.
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Subscribing to the CMR is probably the best risk reward trade I’ve made, the CMR at the end of each week is very useful and has improved my overall knowledge and view of the market and trading significantly, realizing that it’s all positioning is more revolutionary than it sounds. I now make less trades, I'm less prone to trading around positions that are winning or losing and ultimately, I am starting to see and use some of Jason’s principles in the other instruments I trade. I have only been trading for 3 years now and together with the CMR and Jason being active on the Discord server throughout the day it keeps me focused and relaxed about the market or trades I'm involved with. The caliber and experience of the other traders who are in the CMR community is also extremely high, there are always people who provide useful and actionable input, feedback and ideas, trading can be a disconnected endeavor especially now so for me the CMR and its online community are where I spend a good portion of the trading session as well out of hours as there are traders from all over the world.
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