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Even if Jason only shared his trades and methodology--which he does--CMR would be an amazing deal. But Jason also shares in detail his thought processes as he consistently models his amazing self-discipline and rigor in adhering to his system. The chance to watch and converse with and learn from a true master is what makes this community so incredibly valuable.
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Brock E.
CMR Subscriber
The Discord channel taught me so much already, really. Didn't expect it when I joined. Game changer for me. Thanks a lot for all your work.
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Bastian H.
CMR Subscriber
As a retired professional trader, I've always been frustrated about just how bad the information is out there for the newbie trader. I see people being sucked into methods (or more often lack of a comprehensive method) that have no resemblance to how a professional thinks. Jason outlines a coherent method that is a perfect blend of the systematic (to enforce discipline, appropriately narrow the focus of the tradeable universe, and take positive expected value trades) with the discretionary (monitoring the markets action relative to news - the single most unsung hero of trading alpha and what keeps the method from being devoured by machine learning algos). The weekly report covers the systematic aspect, but the very active, lively discord is where the discretionary aspects are discussed, dissected, and debated and the market action interpreted relative to the news. Discussion on risk management and trading psychology is probably (and appropriately) discussed even more. Jason is extremely active and helpful in the chat. The CMR Team works hard to keep adding good content and offering as much value to the subscriber as possible. Even if you decide you never want to be a contrarian, you should at least be reconning how the guy who'll sell you the top tick thinks. This is a no-brainer.
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CMR Subscriber
Honestly no where else will you find open conversations about what really matters like risk management and pos. Very happy to find this place
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CMR Subscriber
I have stopped trading for over 10 years but Covid brought me back into the market. I looked for resources and guidance online but the quality varies greatly. Crowded Market Report by Jason & team is a true gem, I learned a lot about Market Participation, Market Reversal, News Failure, Position Sizing and Psychology from Jason along with all the subscribers in the Discord chat room. It is rare to find such a great service nowadays and it’s worth checking out if you need that extra edge for your trading. All the best!
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Chris S.
CMR Subscriber
Subscribing to the CMR is probably the best risk reward trade I’ve made, the CMR at the end of each week is very useful and has improved my overall knowledge and view of the market and trading significantly, realizing that it’s all positioning is more revolutionary than it sounds. I now make less trades, I'm less prone to trading around positions that are winning or losing and ultimately, I am starting to see and use some of Jason’s principles in the other instruments I trade. I have only been trading for 3 years now and together with the CMR and Jason being active on the Discord server throughout the day it keeps me focused and relaxed about the market or trades I'm involved with. The caliber and experience of the other traders who are in the CMR community is also extremely high, there are always people who provide useful and actionable input, feedback and ideas, trading can be a disconnected endeavor especially now so for me the CMR and its online community are where I spend a good portion of the trading session as well out of hours as there are traders from all over the world.
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CMR Subscriber
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