About Jason Shapiro

My Story

With over 30 years of trading experience, I have gone through most markets a trader should see in their career.  From the crazy rallies during the 90s, the tech bubble pop in early 2000s, the 2008 market crash, bull market run starting in 2009, Trump election, Covid crash and the recent volatility in the 2020s.  The last 20+ years of my career, I have used a contrarian approach fading speculators that has made me a successful Hedge Fund Manager, as verified by author Jack Schwager in his latest Market Wizards book.  I have managed large sums of money from a few million to several hundred million and learned a great deal about the Futures markets, from Equities, Currencies and Fixed Income to Currencies and Precious Metals.  I currently run a one-man hedge fund based on the CMR process.  The goal of creating the Crowded Market Report and the CMR Community is to give back to traders as others have done for me and help the new generation of traders.  Some may ask why I charge for this service and the truth is while I am dedicated to giving back to traders, providing this service involves operational costs, including maintaining a dedicated team and infrastructure. Charging a fee helps offset these expenses and ensures a high-quality experience while minimizing unwanted spam and traffic.

How I started:  Ironically enough, I read the first two Market Wizard books, and I was set on my trading journey.  After college, I started in the Finance world, but the corporate job was not a good fit.  While working a typical finance job, I discovered Hang Seng Futures and I was hooked.  The freedom trading afforded me could not be matched by any corporate career.

What did not work: Thinking that trading was easy at the beginning.  In a bullish market, everyone seems like a great trader, but you need to be able to survive and make money in any environment.  After blowing up a couple of accounts, I realized that over thinking and over trading were not good for me (or most people for that matter).  It also goes without saying, risk management is the key above all else.  You cannot trade without capital.

What worked: Being patient and following my process with discipline where I do not allow my bias to impact how I trade.  I identified what worked for me, learned to manage my risk and focused on becoming a master of my style of trading and not fighting the tape.  I am contrarian by nature and high level, I find out what everyone is doing, and do the opposite.  This may not work for everyone, but it works for me.  You must find what works for you and your personality so you can trade using your strengths, versus going against yourself and not being able to manage your emotions while trading.

Current Status: I own and manage a successful Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) business.  I am a one-man operation, which allows me
to enjoy the process and be the ultimate decision maker.  My system is not correlated with any other strategies which is very attractive to clients who
seek diversification and consistent results.  My trading style is not active on a daily basis (4 to 5 traders per month on average) which allows me time to interact with other traders, and more recently, with our members in our private Discord chat, where I continue to learn and help others learn about trading and consistency.  

I started this website and the CMR Community because I think there is a niche demand for a product that is not your typical trading services such as trend following or technical analysis, but rather a contrarian approach based on market participation and market action.  As I have said many times, the ultimate discounting mechanism is trader positioning.  There have also been many requests for such a service since the Unknown Market Wizards book came out, that has inspired me to provide this information at a reasonable price.  I know it will help me be a better trader, but I also KNOW that members will gain value from the weekly CMR, Charts, Index, Weekly Zoom Calls and the best trading community out there on our Discord.